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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

If you haven't enjoyed the fragrant products offered by Shorty's Fragrances, then you don't know what you're missing. Imagine smelling fab with our selection of heavenly body mist fragrances. You'll have heads turning when you're in public and catch the awesome scent that you are wearing....don't be alarmed if they ask you what your wearing, i get it all the time!

Sugar scrubs, body mist and shower dust are available for you in a variety of scents. You can choose from our selection of scents such as watermelon, spa treatment, pineapple and mango and green tea and lemongrass. The shower dust is a great way to upgrade your shower time. You simply sprinkle the dust at your feet and let the heavenly fragrances begin. You'll love the amazing floral colors that dance at your feet and engulf your shower, creating an awesome shower experience.

The body mist may be the product you choose. You'll love the heavenly fragrances such as pink sugar, Her million and My desire. The long-lasting fragrances and the oils in the mist that benefit your skin are going to allow you to be the diva you want to be. These are as simple as shaking and spraying your body. You can carry them in your purse if you choose to create a refreshing scent whenever you are ready.

The sugar scrubs will treat your body gently from head to toe. You can pay extra attention to areas that have scars, stretch marks or cellulite in order to help gently care for your skin. The sugar scrubs are great from your toes up to your head. You are sure to benefit from the healthy glow that the sugar scrubs offer. Vitamin E, almond oil and pink clay are going to provide you with the perfect care for your sensitive skin and help to alleviate stress. You'll notice a huge difference in the hydration of your skin. These products are hand-crafted and offer you relaxation as well as healthy skin. The heavenly scents are the added bonus.

Try the Linen Spritz for your bedding, which will offer you a relaxing night's sleep. You can choose from heavenly scents such as Zinger Berry, which offers an awesome scent of sweet raspberry, buttercream icing and yellow sponge cake. Perhaps Berry Boost will be the scent you choose that offers you sun-kissed fragrances of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry pineapple and citrus. Oh Baby, Pink Sugar, Candy Land and so much more. Simply spritz your bedding and you're ready for a night of the best sleep you've ever experienced.

You may even choose to become a stockist so that you can share these heavenly fragrances with those in your area.

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