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How to use our linen spritz

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Who doesn't love a luxurious space where ever you go!.

Whether it is your office, car, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. There are many different ways to use Shorty's Fragrance Linen Spritz in your everyday places.

Bed Sheets (my fav)

Use our Linen Spritz on your bedding, pillows and sheets in between washes. Our selection of scent's will have your sheets smelling like they are freshly out of the wash, even if it is days later. The benefit of using a Linen Spritz is that the bedroom makes for a calmer feel, relaxed space and a much more peaceful night's sleep.

The kids love them too, why not grab them one to get them into making their own beds!


Don't forget me....Use our Linen Spritz if you are planning on traveling to spruce up the hotel room sheets.

Furniture and curtains

Before you have company over, spritz your furniture and curtains.


Linen Spritz also works great as a car freshener. Sometimes our cars can smell stale, especially if you have kids and eat a lot of fast food in there, you know you do!


We have our special range of toilet mist which can cover up those odours too!

Spraying before you go will trap them and you can use this as a room mist as well.

Our bottles are refillable too so enjoy Shorty's in all your spaces.

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2 Kommentare

07. Jan. 2022

I love my linen spritz, everyone comments on how lovely my room smells, and at night I can smell it on my pillows.. 💖

Gefällt mir
07. Jan. 2022
Antwort an

Ohh babe, Yay GF....TIP: always handy to have a mini on hand too for when you head away

Gefällt mir
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