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Ready for beautiful skin this summer?

Updated: Apr 19

All of our rich beautiful oils and clays

Reason 1: boosts radiance

Skin naturally renews itself every 28 days, bringing new, healthy glowing skin cells to the surface. As we age, this process slows down, and when dead skin cells start to pile up, your skin starts to look dull, rough and dry. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells by breaking the bonds that glue them together, allowing new cells to surface, and giving your daily glow an instant boost.

Reason 2: unclogs pores

Exfoliating also whisks away any dirt and debris deep within your pores that your cleanser may have missed. Clearing out pores on a daily basis helps to minimize their appearance, and makes you less prone to breakouts,

Reason 3: preps for treatment results

Dull, dry skin can become an impenetrable barrier between your skin care and your skin, preventing all the amazing ingredients from being fully absorbed. But when dead, dry cells are removed and your pores are cleared, your skin will soak up anything you slather on it—reaping maximum benefits.

Reason 4: smooths skin and reduces discoloration

Exfoliating smooths the skin’s surface by sloughing off dry, flaky cells, which helps even out skin texture and minimize the appearance of discoloration.

Reason 5: Challenge Your Skin’s Ageing Process

As you get older, your skin will age. You may notice darker pigmentation spots, reduced elasticity and rough patches on your skin.

Exfoliating is beneficial for breaking up these pigmented cells and removing build-up of dry skin to help retain your skins healthy glow and smooth, soft texture as you mature. With a regular exfoliating and moisturising regime, you will soon notice your complexion transform from dull and dry to soft and glowing.

Reason 6: Stimulate Blood Flow

The motion of exfoliating stimulates blood flow which in turn helps flush out toxins.

Exfoliating your skin is one of the best ways to stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage. This improved blood circulation minimizes the appearance of cellulite, improves skin elasticity and will enhance your all over body glow and radiance.

How often should you exfoliate?

Normal skin 2 to 3 times a week generally offers a safe starting point. You can exfoliate more frequently if your skin loves it...mine laps it up and I use it daily.

Oily skin Want to exfoliate more frequently? Go for it, even daily exfoliation will be just fine.

-Try our Watermelon, Banana, Wild flower or landing soon Peach passion, Chamomile & lavender and organic coffee Sensitive skin Aim to dial back a bit, try exfoliation to once weekly, at most. The range that follows is designed your repair and healing.....

All of our rich beautiful oils and clays will love your skin!

No need for body wash or moisturisers this will fill all of those routines for you.

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