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Enjoy an assortment of two infused scrub and Mini mago and rosehip serum pack!



Blended with essential oils to keep you well balanced.


-Filled with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids the help hydrate and nourish your skin and locks in the hydration all day.

-Helps clear scaring and helps reduce signs of aging.

-Brightens the skin and encourages new cell turn over.

- Helps boost collagen and reduce inflammation and sun damage.


Infused scrubs


-Helps prevent blemishes keeping pores clear and help offer fewer breakouts and ingrown hairs.

-Helps manage oily skin and reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, helps heal cuts and scrapes.

-Smooths the skin and offers a healthy glow while moisturising your skin.

-Perfect for all skin types.


Singing in the shower gift pack

Only 5 left in stock
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