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We source natural based ingredients to make you feel pampered and radiant so you can feel confident knowing what's actually going on your skin.  We use loving ingredients from rosehip oil all the way to botanical rich clays and butters for our skin care, while our body fragrance range will delight your senses knowing they are alcohol free and perfect for sensitive skin.

Perfectly hand crafted in Dunedin.


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Please note: our manuka mud masks are not vegan, we do have manuka honey in us which is loaded with healing properties.

What's hot right now...

Shorty's fragrances
Shorty's fragrances

Infused mud masks $9

So fun and easy to use! Three different options to help with your skin care needs and 100% natural and infused with manuka honey. Your skin will love these, don't forget to finish it off with our mango and rosehip serum stick.

Body mist perfumes $25

The power to make people feel confident, sexy, and luxurious!

Specially formulated for sensitive skin and enjoy an all day fragrance. Naturally based, alcohol free and perfect for sensitive skin. And GF they are refillable!!!

Find your vibe fragrance here

Mango & rosehip serum $18

Only the best for our ladies!

Loaded with rosehip oil to boost fine lines and helps with ache while our mango butter keeps that skin hydrated and protected all day. Enjoy the beautiful blends of essential oils to keep moods well balanced. Enjoy me every morning and night and even after our mud masks.

Craft your own gift to your own budget

Nothing beats a personal touch....

You can personally craft your very own gift packs to your very own budget!

Choose from our gold ribboned bags or cute stylish boxes.

Pop over and check out our pre made gifts or craft your own.

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