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Who is Shorty



Kia ora whanau I'm Shena AKA Shorty and my two little ones Braxton and Kezra.

I was born and bred in the North island (Whangarei) before I got on my waka to settle in good old Dunedin where you can find me today.


Shorty's crafts their very own recipes to be wholesome and honest without all the chemicals.

( we say no to premade based )


We as a family live rurally so that inspires us to create products to be environmentally friendly, so we offer packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable and our ingredients we source to be waste water and greywater safe.

We love producing skincare that is nourishing and sourced from 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free. Our body care products are combined with loving ingredients from rosehip oil all the way to botanical rich clays and suitable for all skin types from young acne prone skin to needing a boost mature skin.


Let us hydrate, nourish and moisturise while our fragrance range fills your space with gorgeous scents to relax and enjoy. 

Handcrafted and packaged right here in Outram, Dunedin NZ.

Our motto is - Don't take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive!

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