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Let’s get sticky sweet babe...jokes, you won't be sticky but you will be super sweet....wink wink.


Our scrubs are loaded with botanical clays and super oils!



-Helps prevent blemishes keeping pores clear and help offer fewer breakouts and ingrown hairs.


-Helps manage oily skin and reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, helps heal cuts and scrapes.


-Smooths the skin and offers a healthy glow while moisturising your skin.


-Perfect for all skin types.


I got you covered “literally” from head to toe, apply me all over scrubbing in a circular motion giving extra attention to those places that need extra loving...scars, stretch marks, breakouts, or cellulite.


Rinse off and you will already be feeling the nourishment working into your skin.... I know, it feels amazing!


Our range offers a healthy glow all year round. Now I know I’m naturally fabulous but please don’t eat me.


Biodegradable and wastewater safe.





A delicious fruity blend of tropical melons, peach and strawberry with a hint of vanilla.


*Batch info: packaged 180424*

Watermelon infused scrub

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