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Who is Shorty!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Who is the lady behind the beautiful smells?

Shena - well known as Shorty amongst her peers, is the talented and dedicated wahine behind Shorty's Fragrances. She proudly designs and creates handmade home and body fragrances. Everything from body mist, linen/room spritz, sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, shower dust, and so much more.

Prior to Shorty's Fragrances, she worked in retail most of her life which lead to management. Then studied small business management while taking time off to raise two beautiful babies and dabbled with making fragrances. She was over having to buy smells or finding ones she liked. A particular product she loved stopped being sold in NZ due to ingredients being used in the product, so that inspired her to start creating her own while using 90% natural ingredients (10% being fragrance oils) After amazing feedback, she decided to pursue it as a business.

"It great to be able to bring all of my experience, skills, training and my hobby together - and make it a business opportunity to share with others".

The goal... 'The ideal goal is to have my products all over NZ in some beautiful boutique store's. I’ve been selling my products online and at local markets - so this is big and so exciting! It’s going to be so great to have a space to showcase, make and sell my products, where customers can visit regularly and smell my amazing range of fragrances and products.

And when I see customer reviews saying “They smell good enough to eat”, you can guarantee I’m intrigued and my nose is ready to go. Now the real work begins! Because what fragrance am I going to choose with such an amazing line up?! What smell do you like?

Published by: Shena Cape Written by: Natasha Tahiwi of To Done

If you would love to send Shorty a review or comment feel free to pop your message in the comments below....

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