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Winter essentials

Updated: Apr 19

This winter you want to make sure you feel your best right!

So we have selected what we think you should have this season....

A beautiful bath soak designed for the muscles especially after winter sports and floral arrangements to keep you up beat. Warm up and soak away the all the stress and aches with our botanical soak.

Next we have our vegan lip balms in two beautiful scents.... Vanilla kiss and spearmint whirl. Crammed with coconut oil and mango butter.

You cannot not have one of our infused scrubs this will soften, smooth and hydrate you from head to toe while enjoying it's yummy fragrance. It's definitely an add to cart!

And our chamomile and lavender linen spritz for bedtime, this has been one of our biggest sellers so we know you will enjoy drifting off to sleep with this beauty.

Check them all out online as well as a few under the weather products to help you out this winter.

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